David Geffen Hall

David Geffen Hall

The New York Philharmonic is one of the great cultural assets of New York City, hosted in a place of prominence in Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts’ campus. Designed by architect Max Abramovitz in 1962, originally named Philharmonic Hall, its home is an iconic structure of Travertine and transparency, with a coveted concert shell in its interior.

The Hall has gone through multiple renovations over the decades, with efforts made to address acoustical challenges amongst other issues. In conjunction with Diamond Schmitt Architects, whose focus is on the concert hall, we are reconfiguring the public spaces to inject new life into the building, ushering it into the contemporary era.

Working closely with Lincoln Center and the Philharmonic, we have conceived programming opportunities, spatial arrangements, and features to welcome the public with comfort, warmth, glamour and excitement. Re-imagined and set to open in 2022, the new David Geffen Hall will offer a new and immersive home for the New York Philharmonic.  For more information and updates please refer to Lincoln Center’s ‘Working in Concert’ information page.

New York, NY
2022 (scheduled)
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