The Obama Presidential Center

The Obama Presidential Center

The Obama Presidential Center will be a campus and resource for collective civic engagement in Chicago’s South Side. Past Presidential libraries have often emphasized story-telling – enshrining past achievements – while the Obama Presidential Center will extend its reaches as a place for story-making. 

The Center is designed as a campus integrated with landscape, comprising a museum tower, forum building and library surrounding a public plaza.  Each component is individually accessible on the plaza level, yet all are connected below-grade.  

The architecture of this place must embody both the symbolic nature of the Obama Presidency while serving pragmatic functions of an active institution inspiring local, national and international dialogue.  The project is in construction and broke ground in 2021. 

For more information and updates, please visit the Obama Foundation’s website.

Jackson Park, Chicago, IL
2025 (anticipated)
276,000 SF
19.43 acre site
Presidential Center - Museum, Forum, and Library
LEED Platinum V4, NetZero (anticipated)