US Embassy Complex

US Embassy Complex

With Davis Brody Bond, we were selected as architects for the new US Embassy Complex in Mexico City. This is one of the first embassies initiated under the Excellence in Diplomatic Facilities program by the US State Department and upon completion will be among the largest US embassies ever constructed. Located on an 8.5 acre site in the Nuevo Polanco district of Mexico City, the embassy will provide a secure, modern and environmentally responsible base of operations for US diplomacy.

The design for the new campus adheres to the highest security requirements while reflecting values of generosity and democracy. The design and materials speak to the materials and architectural traditions of Mexico in ways that recognize a sense of this place and the long and interlocking histories of the American and Mexican peoples.

To better harmonize with the residential scale of the adjacent neighborhood, the stone-clad chancery building, surrounded by extensive landscaped courtyards, is sited with two of its seven levels below grade. Building upon the centuries old model of Mexican courtyard houses, a covered, monumental, open-air courtyard lies at the center of the structure. Additional courtyards bring natural light, fresh air, and vegetation deep into the interior.

Bronze-clad brise-soleils mounted on three facades serve to shield the building from harsh summer sun and provide controlled views out to the surrounding landscape.

At the edge of the complex, a secure site wall is enlivened with sandstone cladding that matches the chancery facades; inside, spacious perimeter courtyards dotted with robust plantings provide ample waiting areas for hundreds of daily visitors.

The project incorporates a significant contribution to local power generation, with photovoltaic panels which cover large areas of the building roofs. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on water use reduction and reuse, which is particularly important in a city with a seriously depleted groundwater aquifer. These and other design measures that incorporate enhanced sustainability features will earn a minimum of LEED Silver Certification.

For more information please refer to the U.S. Mission to Mexico’s website.

Mexico City, Mexico
2024 (scheduled)
1,000,000 SF
Office Complex and Embassy Campus
LEED Gold (expected)